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I present to you this crazy Japan tuner: BRE DragRacing.


It's a drag racing tuner for minibike. It's not a big brand but more like a craftman. They're well known in the world of High End monkey engine tuning.


They many world record on 1/4 mile and 1/32 mile:

4C 4ST 125cc sous 3.270Sec
4C-4ST GT 125cc  3.570 sec
4ST sous 90cc classe 4B 3,646 sec
Here is there last drag bike:
BRE drag NOS
The engine is a Kitaco DOHC 124cc fully prepared and also with NOS system. This engine is normally made for a carburator but here they installed a Fuel Injection system.

Max power with NOS system at 700psi: at the crankshaft is 32,9Ps at 12510rpm, and near 30Ps at 12510rpm, at the gear box output.

And with the NOS between 750-1200: between 37,5 to 40Ps!
The max speed is 176,26km/h !!

It's really a sick tuner!

They can make a full head preparation.

Sometimes ago they've another drag bike with 50 engine fully prepared with FCR28 carb'!! Yes 28mm carb' on a 50! Crazy!

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